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Created in 1946 just after the Second World War, Intimità is dedicated to the women who like to dream, to escape from everyday reality, but have also the need to read editorials with practical contents. Featuring 10 real-life and 2 love novels, plus various practical in-depth editorials, the magazine is read by women who express their feelings, don’t give up their dreams, but also like to be informed, advised, listened.
(* Source: Avg. Dec 2015-Nov 2016)

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577.235 * are the average readers per week, with an high loyalty per issue, showing an strong credibility gained during the years. In a market segment where may magazines have disappeared, Intimità has kept is readers
and is still the market leader.
(*Source Company)

577 Are the novels published by Intimità every year.

5.616 Are the editorial pages published every year with novels and features about tv and cinema people, health and beauty, travel, cooking, tv and radio programs.


In the first issue the magazine presentation said “A discreet companion for the all women, a careful confident, a vigilant advisor in any moment and in any case.” This is still the magazine mission today. The world has changed from the magazine birth, but Intimità has grown together with the women universe, establishing a women to women dialogue.


With the June issue, Anna Giusti renews the graphics of Intimità and make it more modern. New categories of services aimed at the youngest age group of readers are introduced.


The magazine enriches his narrative nature promoting “Il Premio Letteraio di Intimità“. The jury, composed by Maria Venturi, Massimo Giletti and Anna Giusti, select, among all the stories submitted, the four that are published weekly and, later, voted by readers.


Anna Giusti was appointed as new editor-in-chief after twenty years serving in the magazine editorial staff. The magazine formula has been kept during the following years, but many parts have been updated according with the new women trends.


The Cino Del Duca publishing company was took over by Editrice Quadratum and the new publisher decided introduce some changes to the magazine, without touching the original formula. Bice Biagi was appointed as new editor-in-chief in 1995 and the magazine restyling was completed in March 1999. New contents were added, together with a new graphic layout and a new logo. The magazine went back to the Intimità title, as the women were not only concentrated to the family issues, but were more open to the news and general information.


The magazine direction was taken by Sandra Rudoni, who will be the editor-in-chief for 38 years continuously. The magazine title changed in Intimità della famiglia, to underline the centrality of the family in the women’s life. The magazine formula remains unchanged, with the novels as predominant content.


Intimità was published for the first time in March 20, 1946 with twenty pages and a cover price of 0,20 Italian liras. The publisher was Cino Del Duca, pioneer of the popular press, “la presse du coeur”, in France and in Italy afterwards. The magazine formula was based on real life stories where readers identify themselves with the characters. Side to the novels some pages were dedicated to practical advices and themes. The magazine was addressed to the generation of post-war women, more conscious of themselves and their role in the family and in the society. The magazine was immediately successful, despite the economical crisis.

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Yearly issues
52 + 4 monographic issues

Average readership per issue
577.235 (Company declaration)

Average circulation per issue
180.386 (Avg. Dec 2015 – Nov 2016)

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