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Love Story


Weekly average copies sold

Love Story Love Story is a weekly magazine that takes the core concept of Intimità, the novels, as the main consumer benefit. The magazine is keeping a very strong loyalty of the readers, through the years, showing a flat newsstands circulation.
(* Publisher declaration))

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11.440 are the novels published by Love Story in seventeen years.

1 One euro is the appealing cover price of the magazine, resulting the cheapest product of Editrice Quadratum.

History: 1993

The magazine was launched as a line extension of Intimità, aiming to the same target group. Differently from Intimità, Love Story is a pure entertaining magazine, without information or utility editorials. Main content are the novels, with some games, puzzles and horoscopes editorials.

Tech Info

Venturella Sforza

Yearly issues

Average readership per issue
90.000 (publisher declaration)

Rotolito Lombarda – Milano

Advertising representative
Hearst Magazines Italia
Via R.Bracco 6
20159 Milano
Tel: 02.6619.1
Fax: 02.6619.2608

Newsstands distributor
m-dis Media Distribuzione SpA

Abroad distributor
AIE – Agenzia Italiana di Esportazione SpA – Milano

for any information concerning subscriptions please call 199.111.999 (0,12 euro + IVA per minute), or send a fax to the following number 030.3198202 or send an email email to abbonamenti@mondadori.it


Editorial assistant
Tel: 02.70642307
Fax: 02.70642306
Email: lovestory@quadratum.it

Piazza Aspromonte 13
20131 – Milano